Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 1)
Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 2)
Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 2)
Season 1 Episode 22
Original Airdate May 12, 2011
Written By Story: Charlie Hornsby
Teleplay: Vera Santamaria
Directed By Victor Neill, Jr.

"Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 2)" is the 22nd and final episode in the first season of Outsourced.

Season 1

Pilot · The Measure of a Manmeet · Party of Five · Jolly Vindaloo Day · Touched by an Anglo · Bolloween · Truly, Madly, Pradeeply · Home for the Diwalidays · Temporary Monsanity · Homesick to My Stomach · A Sitar Is Born · Sari, Charlie · Training Day · The Todd Couple · Guess Who's Coming to Delhi · Take This Punjab and Shove It · Todd's Holi War · Gupta's Hit & Manmeet's Missus · Charlie Curries a Favor From Todd · Mama Sutra · Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 1) · Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 2)

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