Party of Five
Jolly Vindaloo Day
Touched by an Anglo
Jolly Vindaloo Day
Season 1 Episode 4
Original Airdate October 14, 2010
Written By Linda Videtti Figueiredo
Directed By Victor Nelli, Jr.

"Jolly Vindaloo Day" is the fourth episode in season 1 of Outsourced. Rajiv tricks Todd into taking the day off so he can bring his future father in law to the call center. Elsewhere, Manmeet, Gupta, and Madhuri are being bullied by a rival call center.


The episode begins with Gupta, Manmeet, and Madhuri being bullied by a rival call center that uses American vernacular to taunt them. They are a little hurt by this. Elsewhere, in the office, Rajiv is convincing Asha to fool Todd into taking the day off. Their plan works and they trick Todd into thinking it's "Vindaloo Day." Charlie informs Todd it isn't Vindaloo day and he feels like a fool since he was pelting pedestrians with spices, as he thought it was the custom. Charlie helps Todd into finding out what's really going on. They spy on Rajiv and spot a powerful looking gentleman. They believe it's a headhunter. Todd bursts through the door and explains to man, who was Rajiv's would-be father in law, that HE is the real manager, not Rajiv. The man yells at Rajiv, exclaiming that he will never marry his daughter. Rajiv explains to Todd what's really going on and leaves with obvious sadness.

The A-team continues with their antics, tricking Manmeet, Gupta, and Madhuri they have broken sales records. They head to Charlie for advice on how to pull a prank on the A-team. Charlie goes overboard, suggesting to set fire to their office. They eventually get back at them by loosening the screws on their table, making the A-Team collapse. Back at the call center Todd confronts Asha about risking her job for Rajiv. She explains that Rajiv is in a love marriage with a woman named Vimi and she wanted to help. Asha gives Todd Rajiv's address to help and Todd begins to tease her about her arranged marriage.

Todd heads to Rajiv's house and accidentally reveals to Rajiv's father that he and Vimi are not going to get married. Feeling even more depressed, Rajiv taunts Todd, asking him if he would like to destroy any more of his life. Feeling bad, Todd convinces him to go to Vimi's and take her back. Rajiv heads in nervously and confronts Vimi's father and tries to convince him to put their marriage back on but it is to no avail. As Rajiv walks back to the taxi Vimi runs out and creates a plan to allow her and Rajiv to get married

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