Temporary Monsanity
Homesick to My Stomach
A Sitar Is Born
Homesick to My Stomach
Season 1 Episode 10
Original Airdate December 2, 2010
Written By David Gross & Greg Lisbe
Directed By John Putch

"Homesick to my Stomach" is the ninth episode in the first season of Outsourced.


Todd gets a case of food poisoning after eating contaminated food from a street vendor. He tries to make sure that that doesn't stop him from watching an NFL game to cure his homesickness.


Todd's feeling homesick for all things American until he learns he will be able to watch his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, play on television. Unfortunately, he gets side lined with a bad bout of food poisoning after eating street food but he refuses to miss the game, regardless of how sick he is. With Todd out of commission, Rajiv gets his shot at being manager and takes his responsibility to the extreme.

Season 1

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